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Virtual Hosting update?

any new development planned on this front? Seems to me that if this were implemented it would make Wildfire the best solution hands down.

What’'s the current status?


Thanks for bringing up the issue. There haven’‘t been any recent developments, but we’'re continuing to think about it. Some of the things we want to do:

  • Dedicated web admin console for hosted environments. It would only allow a subset of admin functionality.

  • Hosting multiple domains in a single server. This is obviously the big one to make it really easy for hosts to adopt Wildfire.

Still, we’'d love to get more ideas and feedback about it.


well – i’‘d definitely like to be involved with the process — i’‘m spearheading an initiative at my company to integrate wildfire into our current infrastructure which hosts the websites, CMS, and databases for all of our clients. i am looking to replace our current chat solution with wildfire as well as use it as a service network integrated into our existing system. the only thing stopping us at this point is WiFi’'s lack of virtual hosting — what can i do to help out?