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Virtual JID''s

My server hosts several domains (it is a server shared among friends) and although we all love Wildfire we would like to be able to create accounts as:




And so on. Right now, it is only possible to do userX@maindomain.com, or is there a way around this? Can such feature be added? Thanks in advance for the asnwers/help.


Anyone knows about this? Lots of views, not one reply. Thanks!


Right now Wildfire does not support virtual domains.

One way that you could accomplish what you are trying to do would be to run 3 instances of Wildfire and allow S2S connections between them so that all users from each domain could message each other.

Thanks for your reply, but that solution does not cut it. Virtual hosting is something I consider important (I am sure many others will agree with me). Is there a place where we can go to vote for such feature to be implemented?

Many thanks in advance.

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