Virtual Server

Does anyone know whether Openfire can run in a virtual server ?

Yes it can.

Thanx Todd. I did manage to install and run it. But I need to ask one more question. I need to connect to my server from outside. I have given it the same name as my virtual server. Since my virtual server name is not a public domain, what will the second part of my JID be? Will it help if I point one of my domain to that vitual server IP address and then use that domain name for that?

Do you have a public domain? This is how you should name your server. That way the JID will have a public domain name which means the clients can look up the name via DNS. In short:

  • Name the server with a Public DNS Domain Name
  • Add that name to your external public DNS
  • do port forwarding to any of the desired ports (5222, 7777, etc)
  • point all client to the external name and you should be in business

Thank you very much for your reply. Will the procedure still be the same with Windows?

Yes indeed. In fact I am more familiar with the windows side than any other platform.

Good. I am using Windows 2003 server. I have added 5222 through Firewall with description Openfire. My Openfire shows me that it is listenning on port 9090. How does this affect me?

port 9090 is the admin consoleā€¦ 5222 is for client connections.

10x a lot