Virus in Spark 2.6.0 for Mac (resolved by updating virus software)

Hi folks,

I attempted to download Spark 2.6.0 for Mac today, and my virus software (ClamXav) promptly informed me that it contained the Trojan horse “Fakesec-310”. I’m deleting the file and will try the download again at a later date - I just wanted to inform you of the problem so that you can fix it ASAP! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions.



can you tell me which file is affected?

as far as i know theres no Fakesec-310 for mac

i scanned my files with clamxav and it didnt find anything

Yes, it looks like the Trojan can’t actually run on Macs, but it is present in the file nonetheless:

It sounds like it is possible we are looking at a false positive warning. If you rescan the file and confirm that it is virus-free, let me know and I’ll be glad to report the issue to the ClamAV folks.

This is the file I downloaded: 6_0.dmg

the flashwindow.dll is compiled with cygwin

when scanning spark.dmg with clam 2.1.1(240)

Starte Scan…

----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------

Known viruses: 969078

Engine version: 0.97

Scanned directories: 2

Scanned files: 8

Infected files: 0

Data scanned: 31.74 MB

Data read: 2940.82 MB (ratio 0.01:1)

Time: 15.805 sec (0 m 15 s)


Ok, false alarm - once I updated ClamXav, I no longer received the warning. Looks like the file is clean. Sorry and thanks for clearing that up.

Can you please delete this whole discussion? Not all people read it carefully and I would like to prevent users from getting the wrong impression.

Nope, but I can change the title.