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Voice / audio chat IM for wildfire?

Hi… finally!! I got my WF server running…

I’'d like to have voice chat … is there a recommended client (preferrably free / open-source). Can WF manage voice chat?

anny suggestions? thanks


The Neos client supports Audio/Video and whiteboard app sharing.


that’‘s great thanks… I checked it out and it is indeed a nice client but I am having a problem with it trying to add users to my buddy list… doesn’‘t seem to show an authorization - it just says pending… hmm… I’‘ll have to look into it… but thanks again that’'s useful. Any other clients you know of?


worked out what I was doing wrong… I was trying to add users incorrectly using their login name…

tested out the audio and it was terrible… so back to the drawing board… looking for a product to basically enable a live audio/voice transmission in good quality to students on the local network.