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Voice calls in Openfire

Can’t understand is it possible to make voice calls through Openfire or Jingle plugin?
I have Openfire 4.1.6 with correctly configured Jingle but none of clients have possibilities to call to each other. No button like Call. I tried Pidgin, Psi+, Spark and AstraChat on Android.

I don’t recall voice call function in Pidgin or Psi or Conversations (which AstraChat is porting and renaming). It has to be supported by a client. Spark’s voice calls are broken for some time (since 2.6.3 maybe). As there are almost noone working on Spark, it probably won’t get fixed soon. I suggest trying out Jitsi. It has built-in voice calls, you don’t have to install Jingle plugin on a server i think.

I tried Jitsi and it’s work only in same subnet.
When callers are behind NAT no calls can be made.
That’s sadly

Jitsi Desktop uses ICE to establish the connectivity between calls. If you’re not on the same subnet, you need one of STUN, TURN or Jingle Nodes server. If you have an Openfire server running, the easiest way is to install the Jingle Nodes plugin (available from the plugins page).