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VoIP problems


I use Openfire 3.4.2 on the server and Spark 2.5.8 on booth clients.

So sometimes talking works and manytimes it dosent work.

server informations:

windows server 2003 standard edition + microsoft windows firewall sp2 (locked active!)

excelent bandwith 1gbit/s an ping

error notice arrived:

  • Voice chat ended; No Media Received. This may be caused by firewall configuration problems

  • Session closed due to Closed Remotely.

How mus i configurate my server firewall? Actualy openfire is unlock by executable programms (exe) not via ports.


Can you try disabling the windows firewall in both machines and try again?

Can you do the same test for your server firewall?

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unfortunately it is impossible to disable server firewall. disable clients firewall result: no changeins.

I can only config. server firewall via executable programm and single port operations.


I’ve had the same problem. I’m testing on two clients and one server, all running Windows XP SP2. At first I couldn’t even get the phone icon for voice chat to work, but letting port 5222 through the firewall on one client seemed to fix this. I then tried a voice call but I received the message listed in the original post. I disabled the firewall on the clients, but this didn’t work. I then disabled the firewall on the server and still no luck. I’d be grateful for any assistance you can offer.

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Sorry, I meant to say that I allowed port 5222 on the server. ;o)