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Voip Question

Hello everybody in this discussion group , really good work that you do .

after greetings;

NAT NAT NAT woooolaaaah

to solve the problem of NAT , i knew that there is a STUN protocol that notifies the clients with their real public gateway ip address …ok that is really

fine …

suppose that we have two clients A and B each of which are located on different networks , After calling stun they were acknowledged with their real ip addresses , so how can i let them connect peer to peer after this step ???

suppose the Real ip address of A and B are as follows

A’s public IP ADDRESS acknowledged from STUN :

B’s public ip address acknowledged from stun :

the above ips are for assumptions only

so would i let the Client A begin Sending UDP Packets to Client B’s ??? if yes , how would the B’s Router would route that packet specifically to B’s

would i let B’s first send UDP Packet to A’s to make his router maps that in its routing table or what , because that part is mysterious me ???

any help please because i see many different voip applications provide peer to peer voip connections without using media proxy .

so how would i do that please , give me a technical help ?

or refer to me with any technical paper that describe that part

Thanks in advance