Vote for Wildfire

A couple of weeks ago Matt blogged about the “Enterprise Open Source Reader’s Choice Award” and Wildfire’‘s entry in the “Best Open Source Product” category. If you didn’'t see the blog post, check it out:

Thanks to your support Wildfire has moved from 6th into 2nd and with just a few more votes Wildfire can pull into the lead. I’'ve got my fingers crossed that a few more people join in the voting.

Hi Greg,

voting a software to be #1 is in my opinion silly. One can read a lot of magazines with annoying voted #1 software and hardware. I usually check the available support before considering software or hardware as useable.


Hi LG,

Thanks for your opinion. I definitely understand what you mean. The great thing about these magazine votes is that many people see them and it helps raise awareness of great projects. It gives more people the opportunity to try out the project to see if it works for them or not.