Vote for Wildfire

Wildfire is up for an Enterprise Open Source Reader’s Choice Award in the “Best Open Source Product” category. As you can see from the current vote tally below, it’s time to get busy with the votes. So, please take a moment to go cast your vote for Wildfire!

Update: you guys rock so far. We’re up to 46 votes and are now in third place. However, we’re still going to need a storm of votes to make it into first. Keep them coming!


One more follow-up – one community member made the good point that the voting process is fairly onerous in terms of the information you need to submit. However, it’s a legit magazine and you have the option to opt-out from being contacted. So again, we appreciate your help!

I wish I could vote. =/ Their site balked at me when I tried to register to vote. Sigh.

Thanks to an awesome community turn out Wildfire has moved from 6th place to 2nd place going from 9 votes to 132 votes since Matt first posted. Wildfire needs just 20 more votes to pull into first place! Anyone other there who hasn’t voted for Wildfire yet?

A well used tool, vote it