Want to create Chatlogs of you public MUCs?


I developed for my server a small Perlscript which accesses a MysSQL-DB and can create every dax Chatlogs of your public MUCs if there was any conversation. It just grabs everything from the db which was postet between yesterday midnight and now. So I let run every day at midnight. It creates alls subfolders and files itself according the schema /selectable_path/roomname/year/month/day.html. The files are styled by css file which you have to create (or generate). Is anyone interested in this script? If so I will post it here. A demo can be seen under https://im.goesberserk.de/chatlogs/public_mucs

Sure you can share it with other community members. I think this part of the forums http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/community/plugins/commplugins is more suitable for this.

Ok, I will create a new Thread there. But this ist just a little Perlscript and no real plugin for Openfire, so dont expect too much.