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Want to login at the first time

IR.org cookies expire in two weeks or so. With new CS it’s always a PITA to login. Most of the time it keeps showing you Access Denied or page with login field again. But if you close that tab and try to load your bookmark you can be already logged in. Firefox 3.0.1

I’m told this has something to do with the version of apache httpd we are running. (???) So we’re getting that upgraded. I see this behavior often as well, so you are not alone.

I hope this could fix “Unexpected error” issue too. This error has actually become expected every once i press reply, grant points or whatever in that forums.

This is annoying, but I figured out a way to get around it. ;D Just reload the page before you reply. I tend to open like 8 tabs as I go through my email and then go through them one by one. The first one I open in a particular day always has this issue. It’s related to Tomcat and it’s use of jsessionid. I don’t yet know if this is fixed unfortunately though. Guess we’ll see. =/