Wants to unsubscribe from our presence info sysmsg

Hello All,

We have been running Openfire for acouple years. Love the program.

All of our user connect via jajc

The only issue that I am having is when I remove a user from the roster some users get:

“reception@jabber wants to unsubscribe from our presence info” system Message

Everytime they log in.

Does anyone know how to stop these system messages? or clear them?

Any help would be greatly apreciated.

I thought maybe it was a bug so I upgrade to the latest openfire. No change

You could probably use the Content Filter plugin:


The readme provides an example:

http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/contentfilter/readme.htm l

If you choose to filter your users presence status and there is a content match then:

  • if you are masking content, other users will see a masked status.

  • if
    you are rejecting content, other users not see the status change, how
    it affects the user with the invalid status is client dependant.

You can probably do the same for unsubscribe messages using a regular expression of some sort.

I tried that. That only filters words out of chat and the popups are messages.

Hello All,

Really no one has this same issue?

Everytime I log in to Jabber I get these Msg. type: sysmsg

I attached a screenshot

I’ve never seen that message before. What happens when you log in using a different client (Spark or PSI, etc)? Does it also do the same thing? I’d put my finger on it being a client issue (like the IM client’s way of handling sysmsg messages). If so, there might be an option to not see system messages… or you may try removing the transport service itself from your roster and see what happens.