Was Working then Quit

Spark was working. I had to change the Administrator password on the windows server. Spark stopped working. I can launch the service no problem. When I try to launch the Admin console nothing. Every user and password combine I have found looking through the files, nothing works. I am using LDAP with my AD so the users are auto in. (I did not set up the server or OpenFire). I am rather new to OpenFire/Spark. I have tried many of the things suggested on here from other posters to no advil. Any help would be grateful. I am to the point of uninstalling and trying to install the new version. I really want that to be the last resort. Currently 3.6.4 is what is running. I am attaching the Openfire.xml to see if it will help in solving this.

Thanks for any and all help.


You openfire.xml includes admin password in plain text. I have removed this file, and you should change a password.

You probably need to run setup again and specify the new password. Maybe it is better to use some other acc for that with non-changing password http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/187225#187225