Web Admin +user/groups tab hangs

I have wildfire up and running using ldap and users can log in and out with out any problems at all. However when I access the users/groups tab it just hangs and shows now information.

Prior to setting up this now live server, I had a test server running with same configuration and the users/groups tab worked fine there.

info from debug.log

2006.08.03 14:11:36 Creating a DirContext in LdapManager.getContext()…

2006.08.03 14:11:36 Created hashtable with context values, attempting to create context…

2006.08.03 14:11:36 … context created successfully, returning.

which appears not to be an error.

The only thing different from the test server is that it used the embedded database and with the live server it is using PostgreSQL as its backend. Although both don’'t even use the db since it is authenticated via ldap

Liveserver is running FreeBSD and Testserver was running Fedora Core 5.

Any ideas.


Its all right I figured out what the problem is, because we access our user infromation via ldap the system has to pull information about 80+ thousands users which it then has to cache. So just takes a long time to pull the infromation back for display.