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Web-Based Application Re-login attempt to Openfire failing

Hello, I’m currently using 2 versions of Openfire. 4.5.3 on our new server and 3.7.1 on our old server that is about to go EOL. The problem is only on 4.5.3 and is configured that same as on 3.7.1.

About 2 days ago, I noticed that if I log out of my web-based app it disconnects from Openfire, but now I cannot log back into my web application for 3 minutes, where the login page will not admit me until I establish an Openfire connection. I’m using strophe.js to establish connections.

3.7.1 connects over http (5280). 4.5.3 connects over https (7443)

There’s little to go on here. This feels more like a Strophe issue than one with Openfire. When you cannot log in, does the Openfire admin console show that user as (still) online? If that’s the case, then the client might not have logged off ‘properly’. That, combined with something like Stream Management, might keep a session open. Still, that shouldn’t prevent you from re-establishing another session, as far as I know…

What do your log files tell you?