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Web Based IM supported by openfire


is there any web based chat client supported by openfire which is cross browser also.

Sparkweb is one

jeti seems pretty good also, very simple and customizable



Jeti is not web based, it uses port 5222 or 5223 for communication.

I have been looking for solutions as well. Some of the promising ones I have found are:




I am sure there are many others… google around for bosh or httpbind web clients…


I have seen tigase and it looks pretty sweet, but there are no downloads. I checked out the files from the repo but I honestly don’t know what to do with them.

nounouse also looks pretty cool, but the language defaults to german I am guessing, and I don’t see how to change that. all of the source code is in english and I don’t see where it is specifying a language.

extjs looks like it uses port 5222, so same as jeti.

if anyone can help with my tigase or nounouse problems that would be awesome. and since I am connecting it to openfire, that makes it openfire related