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Web Based IM

Hey guys is there a free web based clients that will connect to the spark server.

Also it seems like this is what Smack does but I dont really understand it.



The only complete web client from Ignite Realtime is part of the enterprise version. They’‘ve said they’'re going to release the web-based groupchat that they use for the developer chats for free though.

Smack is a java library for building clients, but I’‘m not sure how it’'d work for a web-based one. XIFF is a library for making clients in Flash, which is probably a better match for the web.

However, since XMPP is an open standard, you can find any web-based xmpp client to use with the openfire server.

I have used claros chat http://www.trlinux.com/ successfully and it works very nice and comparable to sparkweb.

The only problem for us is the login screen has a gmail icon and a jabber icon so you can connect to either service, and in a corporate environment we need something a little cleaner (less options) then that.

Yeah, has anyone tried the SparkWeb client? I’'m wondering how customizable it is.