Web Based Jabber Client

I’'ve gotten jwchat running with wildfire and although its decent its not really what im after.

I’'d like to get a web based client that can be embedded into a site as if its part of it. The new window popup basis of jwchat doesnt really suit.

Are there any better alternatives that people have used alongside wildfire?

Basically I want the gtalk stuff thats in gmail without committing industrial espionage

XIFF is a great solution to a site embed IM Chat.

Needs some implementation to fit it to your site. But is a very nice solution.


If you need some implementation contact me.


Web Jabber might do it too…

Skyhawk, on snimmer you can create an IM page for your site within minutes. It does more than just GTalk - it supports all major IM networks.


There´s also jeti applet, http://jeti.sourceforge.net/

Forgot I’'d asked about this

Thanks for the info guys, will check them out.

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seconding JETI applet… does it for me… easy install/config especially for both roster & groupchat…

You can use http://jsjac.jabberstudio.org/ , the jabber javascript library behind jwchat. Its provide the communication primitives in javascript, and no GUI.

I try it, and works well

Communication Tube - chat web client for ICQ , MSN , GTalk - CommunicationTube© - It’'s a free web-client for the popular IM (internet messaging) networks which currently supports ICQ, MSN Messenger and Google Talk.

Hi webcoder,

a web client without SSL and without privacy policies is something I really like.


You are right

SSL Sertificate is non free

privacy policies paper is not written yet

Hi webcoder,

You can get a free cert at CAcert.org.