Web Chat - multiple users, single window?

Hi, have just installed Openfire with Fastpath and Sparkweb plug-ins, am really impressed so far and wondered why I have not found this before… Quick question, hopefully someone will have a suggestion - I need to be able to host a web chat where a senior manager will be answering questions from staff members around the company. The manager can have Spark installed if necessary, but I don’t want to have to install clients on every PC for this exercise, ideally I’d like them to be able to do a simple web chat, but importantly be able to see all the other conversations in the same window - just like a chat room. It’s not necessary to use Active Directory authentication for this, which is why a web chat seems to be the best solution - IF I can get multiple users into the chat at the same time, and see each others conversations!

Any help appreciated - maybe it’s not possible. I’ve looked at the commercial product Campfire which would be ideal, but I’d like to keep it inhouse and if I can use Openfire it will help me develop its use further within the company.

Cheers, Nick

SparkWeb does support MultiUserChat. I assume thats what you want. Just click on the tab at left bottom of the window: “conferences”. There enter “conference.yourserver.com” as Server and create a new room. There are also some moderation features out there.

Thanks Coolcat - I’ve just discovered that, and yes it’s nearly what I’m after! Maybe I’m being too picky - I’d favour a multi user Web Chat rather than use Sparkweb, just because Sparkweb requires Flash 9 and that will be an issue on hundreds of PCs, PLUS users need to login which I don’t need for this exercise. I’d just like it to be as simple as possible - Web Chat is perfect, but so far I can only see a way of operating it one-on-one…