Web Interface Login Issue

I got an Ubuntu Server 20.04 up and running with the latest openfire to use as our chat server in the company. I set up the web admin and created the users and plugins as needed and it was all working fine until a couple of days ago.

The web interface comes up with the credentials prompt, however when I enter them it just stays loading the page, never returning an answer or logging me back in the web management interface.

  • I can reach the server with SSH and the service is running fine when checked with “systemctl status openfire”
  • The users are logged in and communicating just fine
  • I’ve tried private browsing and also other browsers, the problem persists

Any solutions/suggestions?

When this occurs, this typically is cookie related - but given that you’ve used private browsing, that is unlikely to be the case here.

Do the log files hold any clues after you try to login?