Hello!! I have downloaded the binary code from wildfire_src_3_1_1.zip for windows. I tried to build it in eclipse using buil.xml. I had this problem:


C:\Documents and Settings\usuariob2b\Escritorio\wildfire_src_3_1_1\wildfire_src\build\build.xml: 439: The following error occurred while executing this line:

C:\Documents and Settings\usuariob2b\Escritorio\wildfire_src_3_1_1\wildfire_src\build\build.xml: 471: Unable to load file: java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Documents and Settings\usuariob2b\Escritorio\wildfire_src_3_1_1\wildfire_src\work\jspc\web.pa rtial.xml (El sistema no puede hallar el archivo especificado)

I have not got “web.partial.xml”; What can I do?

Thanks. Have a nice day!

Hi Josue,

Interesting find.

It appers that the build.xml file that is included in the wildfire_src_3_1_1 bundle is not the file that is actually needed to build the source. The version of the file that is included is 5888 and it should be 5856. I’‘m not sure how those bundles are created, maybe Matt or Gato can provide some insight into how that all works. In any event, I’'ve attached the correct version of the build.xml file to this post that you can use to build the source.

Hope that helps,

build.xml (59693 Bytes)