Web Service / Packet Listener Integration Error

During the execution of a package listener, I am trying to call a web page with embedded query strings to execute a task in .cfm…

The code below is a snippet from the original code to simplify the error. I have been struggling to get this simple code to work with no luck so far.

I am like two days into JSP.


<%@page import= "




Section 1 <!-- THIS SECTION WORKS --><HR>


URL urlOne =  new URL("http://google.com");

Object getcontent = urlOne.getContent();


Section 2 <!-- THIS SECTION DOES NOT WORK --> <HR>

<!-- ERROR: Unhandled exception type MalformedURLException -->


public class PassToWebService {


        URL urlTwo = new URL("http://google.com/");

Object connection = urlTwo.getContent();




Here is what I am trying to do…

I am working with coldfusion which

interacts with smack.

When someone’s presence changes, I need to update the database with a

boolean online/offline flag. When the event is triggured, I want to

call a url like


That’s It!

If you have a better way of accomplishing this, please advise.