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WebChat:Not Working in Chrome browser


I am currently working with Openfire 3.7.1 + FastPath 4.0.0 and Spark Client 2.6.3.

The webchat.war which is added as an plugin to openfire seems to be working only on FireFox and IE , but not in CHROME of any version.

the jsp pages of FastPath WebChat Plugin are not getting rendered in Chrome or any framework supported by Chrome.

It is just showing a blank page in the browser. When I debugged it using chrome developer tools, it was not able to load the resources, but it is working perfectly fine in firefox and IE.

the url is calling the start.jsp of FastPath Webchat and it is redirecting to queue.jsp but not able to render the UI in Chrome but coming fine in IE and Firefox.

I am not able to resolve the issue.

I have attached the screen shots for both of the cases.

Can anyone help me in resolving this issue?