WebChat not working... It is trying to connect to my domain name

I have setup wildfire to use my domain name for our clients. For instance, a jid would be bob@example.com — This is not our server name though. Our server name is jabber.example.com - So when the webchat piece tries to connect to the server it is using the domain name instead of the server name.

Here is the error:

Chat Demo Mode

To test a workgroup request, click on the following icon(s):

Unable to connect to server using the following settings:

Server: example.com

Port: 5223

Test Connection

Please change your server settings in the setup tool.

How do I change it so it uses the appropriate server ip/name/ whatever? I am afraid to change the server name property in the wildfire admin because it may change all the jid’'s or screw up the database. Please advise.

I answered my own question. Here is what you need to do for anyone else that runs into this problem.

Edit this file:


Change this line:

where example.com is the actual server that you need to connect to.

NOTE: When you update spark fastpath it will blow away this change everytime you update.

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For any who have upgraded to Wildfire 3.2 – If you are missing the above mentioned file called chat-settings.xml you can copy and paste the following.

Copy and paste that into a file called chat-settings.xml. The file belongs in the directory /plugins/webchat/WEB-INF/

Good Luck