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WebChat opensource like Webspark

Hi all,

I’'m french so sorry for my english,

I’‘ve just installed openfire on my server. this software is wonderful with spark it’‘s a good solution for all chat servers. I love it. But i need a plugin opensource like WebSpark. I have a basic install and i don’'t want the entreprise edition. I '‘ve installed this server for my family and i want to connect on my server when i’'m in my school or in holliday without spark or anything ( just with my brower).

Does somedy know any plugin which can help me?

Thanks you all for advance

Best regards,

Espace Stockage

for exemple, this link answers to my question.

But i must have the entreprise edition or a free plugin, tools or software is developed for web chat like http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/group_chat.jsp

found this one today:


but couldnt try so far.



Excellent, thanks you so much…

Anyone knew another client ?

we’'re using http://jwchat.sourceforge.net/

seems to work ok at the moment, though only one person is using it; the docs there are rather out of date, but some fiddling managed to get it up and running, served by apache.