Webchat plugin - problem + log from debug

hi there,

freebsd 6.2.

wildfire (+mysql) is running fine but just download Spark Fastpath Webchat - even restart wildfire

and cannot connect to it



thats it … nothing more…

what have i done wrong?


and log form debug mode is

2007.02.09 13:28:08 Loading plugin webchat

2007.02.09 13:28:08 Loading plugin enterprise


2007.02.09 13:27:56 Connection closed before session established

2007.02.09 13:27:56 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=50783,localport=5222]

2007.02.09 13:27:48 Loading plugin webchat

2007.02.09 13:27:48 Loading plugin enterprise

any idea please?


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This issue was found when running as a plugin to wildfire due to the webchat picking up the domain from wildfire itself. I would recommend running through setup explicity since it won’'t connect. This way you can specify the correct connection.