WebChat port & SSL Encryption

Hi Guys,

I’'ve recently tried setting up the fastpath webchat module to run under Resin.

Using http://localhost:8080/webchat I can get the webchat working without any issues, however i can’'t tell if its using port 5222 (unencrypted) or 5223 (SSL Encrypted) to talk to the Wildfire server…

There is no “secure” icons being displayed in the webchat window at all, so i’'m guessing the data is not being encrypted?

This is a MAJOR concern for us, we need any customer contact to be encrypted for security.

What do i need to do in order to confirm data is being encrypted.



Hi Jason,

which connections must be encrypted?

"Customer -


Webchat -

(2)– Wildfire"

While I can understand that you want to use HTTPS for (1) I wonder why you should use TLS for (2) the connection to Wildfire as both server are usually located in your LAN.

If you look in the Wildfire web console http://server:9090/session-summary.jsp you’'ll see the connection of the webchat and whether it is encrypted or not.


Ok well it looks like connection between webchat & wildfire is encrypted (there s the padlock icon in the session summary page)… But like you said, i need the Customer<—>Webchat section to be encrypted also…

Any tips on whats needed to do that?

With the ‘‘built-in’’ webchat you could go to https://server:9091/webchat to get a ‘‘secure’’ session (would get a popup about certificate not being , but i’'ve got no idea how to do this when using RESIN… Is it easier to do this if i use RESIN along side with IIS?


Hi Jason,

To secure the webchat <–> customer connection simply enable SSL on Resin. Check out the Resin SSL Docs for more information. It is not any easier to use Resin with IIS to get HTTPS working.



Thanks for that Greg.

Now… my next question… If we already have a https website running with IIS, would it then become easier just to use resin with IIS?

Would that save us having to get another CA signed certificate?


Hi Jason,

Since you already have SSL working with IIS it is likely easier to get Resin working behind IIS. It should save you needing to get another CA cert.