Webchat userinfo.jsp form problem with quotes

I just started my 30 day trial of Fastpath 3.1.2 and I’'ve identified a serious problem with it.

When a user enters in a question that contains a single quote, it breaks the SQL DB INSERT. As a result the Webchat client isn’‘t able to finish connecting to an Agent. The Agent gets the request and accepts, but the DB is missing something and can’‘t update with that info, so the Webchat client doesn’‘t finish the connection. I’'ve noticed several posts here about Webchat not connecting, perhaps this is related?

Other things seem to break as a result of this bug, too. For example, any routing based on the field usually fails.

This is 100% reproducable on my end. I have a new server using the embedded db. If I enter in a question like “Help, I can’'t login.” the connecton fails and you can see in the DB’‘s log that the query isn’'t formatted correctly. If I just put “Help” in the question text box, it connects and things work better.

I assume ANY text field on that page that contains a single quote would break the insert into the database, but I have not tested that. Some form validation should fix this easily.

FYI - I’‘m running Wildfire 3.1.1 on the Windows platform. I have the latest version of the JRE installed according to the java website. I use Firefox 2.0 as my browser, and I don’‘t have any extensions that might cause problems. I’‘m fairly confident my server is configured correctly since it does work without the single quotes. I have not tried Wildfire 3.2.0 beta. The only other plug-in installed is the “Subscription” one, and it is configured to accept all subscriptions. I can’'t think of any other info you might need to duplicate this bug.


Mark Tolman