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I am new to openfire and the live web chat. I think its a lot better and more affordable than liveperson. This is my setup,

Webserver (obviously holds all the websites)

Messenger(obviously runs spark and fastpath.

I would like to run Openfire on its own server than on the webserver. People on the outside can’t use the webchat feature but users on the inside can cause of the path, I didn’t know if I’m missing a setting.



I would recommend taking the webchat.war file located in the plugins directory of your Openfire install and placing it into an outside J2EE appserver like Tomcat or Resin. This would allow you to run on different ports to allow external access. What do you think?



I guess it depends on your setup. We use JwChat as client, and the webserver handles the redirecting/proxying of XMPP requests. That way, it shouldn’t matter where the XMPP server sits. That way you can have the XMPP server isolated from the outside world because all request will come to it from/through the webserver, never directly from a client.