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I want to use fastpath but if I let port 9090 through the firewall it then allows remote administration on that port from the outside world. I’m sure I’m missing something here, but is there a way around this? I only want webchat coming through.



try this to get to your jivelive.jsp page


change the “yourserver.com” to your site where openfire is hosted on

Good luck

You can place webchat on a separate app server to avoid having port 9090 open. There should be a webchat.war file located in the plugins directory under the root of your openfire server. You can deploy this war on a separate server and have it just use the default XMPP ports to communicate with your openfire server, leaving you free to close port 9090.

This is a great idea…thanks. We have this kind of working but my live chat just goes to routing request.

Thanks again