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Webpage Chat

This may have already been asked so forgive me.

Is there a way to set up (via plugin, etc) chat via a webpage? More specifically, I would like to be able to create a conference room and then make it available through a webpage rather than having someone have to install a client.

Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated.

You might try Muckl. It works with Wildfire now that it has HTTP binding, but it only works in Firefox and maybe IE. I’‘ve been looking for other groupchat/MUC clients as well, and I still might work on writing one, but I haven’‘t gotten to that point yet. If you’‘d like to see how Muckl works, feel free to go to https://secure.foxybanana.com/muckl. I only have one room set up with it (and I’'m usually the only one in it), but you can see how you like it.



We (Jive) just released a beta web client (SparkWeb) as part of the Enterprise plug-in which includes group chat features. SparkWeb is a complete IM client that works in your browser. We’‘re also working on a component for embedding web chat in existing web pages that will be open source, but we don’'t have an ETA on that component yet.