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Website chat

I remember seeing a plugin / extension before where it allows an organization to put instant chat on the web page. This is so our clients can use the web page to chat with us without having to need to login.

However, I cannot find the plugin/extension anymore. Anybody know how I would be able to do this?



Hey John,

If you need to have intelligent routing/queuing, integration with knowledge base or any other backend product or automated response tools then you may want to take a look at url=http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/fastpath/Spark Fastpath[/url].

Fastpath is a Wildfire plugin where clients/customers/prospects can ask for support or make their questions by using a web page (i.e. their internet browser), Spark or any other XMPP client.

On the other hand, if you need a full XMPP client on the web then you can take a look at url=http://jwchat.sourceforge.net/JWChat - Jabber Web Chat[/url].


– Gato

Hi Gato,

What I want to do is have chat available on my website and that users do not need to login. We have Wildfire integrated into our ldap and so online users cannot creat a new account (seems like a requirement for JWChat). We want customers able to go on to the website, ask a question without having to login. Do you know any way to accomplish this?

Fastpath still does not address our need for having an online chat functionality.



Hey johnh .

Jive Fastpath is include three part (web IM�Core route�desktop IM )



Must be a way to hardcode the credentials in to the client to use a pre-designated, pre-set-up account. Obviously need to obscure & lock-down security as tight as can, but must be a way. Then you ought to be there.

Let us all know how it turns out.



Hi John,

you need to customize JWChat, and as you enter the domain name you can (and should) as Jason did say also hard-code a user and the password. I think you do not really care who is connecting but as it is easy possible to use the conference and search service you may dislike JWChat.

There’‘s also MUCkl available which is a group chat, there you just enter a username of your choice. The problems are the same, both products come from http://zeank.in-berlin.de/ and both use JEP-0124 (HTTP Binding) also from the same author. As all are open source it should be possible to modify the JEP-0124 code to disable search services and restrict group chat to one room. I don’'t like this option.

Some days ago one did ask how to limit access to a component, so this was a similar question.

@Gato: It would be nice if Wifi could support ACL’'s for components, plugins and users.


With JWChat is it possible to use the anonymous user feature? You could hardcode the server information, and allow the script to login with an anonymous user.

For your information, I’‘m working on a support web chat with Smack API and Ajax. I have one single support user in Wildfire and I’‘m using the resource name for identifying the anonymous visitor, so there are multiple logings with one client and different resource names. In this case the visitor’‘s message is routed to all users in the same group, the first one who answers the chat is connected to the visitor with the unique resource ID. This works pretty fine, but we’‘re doing some fine work to list all the available support workers with a link to perform a direct chat. I’‘ll let you know when it’'s finished.


Sounds interesting, I’'d be interested in seeing your final product.


Sounds great.

Let us know.