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Website not available


Do you have some blacklisting setup on your server ?

Since some weeks, I’'m not able to connect to your web site from work… The site just timeout !

I’'m posting this post from my remote computer at home with a text based browser.

I did a traceroute and it stop at the same place at work and at home.

8 rackmy-gw.customer.alter.net ( 47.537 ms 37.154 ms 37.035 ms

9 63-246-15-42.xiolink.com ( 37.039 ms 37.133 ms 37.079 ms

10 * * *

What happens ?

Hmm, it’'s working if I use a computer that exit to Internet with an another IP adress…

Is my IP banned from your web server ?

Hi Ohmer,

What is your IP address? Send it to me in a private message through these forums. Click on the open envelope icon with the number next to it in the upper right-hand corner to access private messages.




Thanks Ohmer. For some reason your IP was blacklisted on the firewall. It has been removed from the blacklist so you should have access again.




Strange that our IP was blacklisted.


Seem that one of our IP is blacklisted again (the same address, .188)…

Are you able to see what cause your firewall to blacklist that IP ?



Can you send me a private message with the full IP address? I’ll look into it.