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Websocket support


I was evaluating whether WebSocket transport can be used with Openfire and came across the new 2015 Plugin posted in a message by Tom Evans.

However, i had some doubts, which I am not able to answer completely. Could someone please help me answer these, please?

Thanks in advance.

Here are my doubts

  1. The release post talks about testing with stanza.io and I saw a note somewhere in strophe.js that it supports the relevant RFC. Which JS library is recommended for use with websockets?

  2. I do not see much posts about web sockets on the forum - is there any particular reasons for its lack of popularity? I’m afraid I might be missing something which is critically preventing WebSockets from being deployed in preference over BOSH

  3. I do have a chance of starting over wrt client library if I start with web sockets. Are there any recommendations?

  4. Is there an officially supported/preferred JS library for use with Openfire?

  5. I am assuming WebSockets and regular BOSH can be deployed together (for backward compatibility). Is this correct?

Thanks again


websockets plugin works fine with all browsers and latest strophe code. Yes you can use it with bosh. Just use correct connection url

wss://your-server:7443/ws/ or ws://your-server:7070/ws/