Weird annotations in source code

HI all…

I’'ve try to compile messenger source code to build a .war with eclipse and the “war” Ant task, but the source code (from .zip, .tar.gz or CVS) contains strange “annotations” like :


private List excludes;


that makes eclipse project full of errors… :-(( and I don’'t understand why…

Maybe some of you have the (obvious) answer?

Thank’'s for your help…

this is Java 5 syntax for parameterized types. Upgrade Eclipse to 3.1 or greater and set your compiler to java 5.

Hi AWenckus,

Thanks for your reply.

I’'ve upgraded my Eclipse to 3.1 version, and my JDK to 1.5 : and it fixed the problem about errors in the eclipse project.

But I have another problem with Ant (integrated in Eclipse 3.1) : my JAVA_HOME variable point to the JDK (I’‘m sure…) but I’'ve an error message telling me that “No compiler found, maybe JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK”… I dont understand why…

If someone could help me, it would be great…


you are getting this error when you start eclipse? can you check your environment to see if its in your path? What OS are you on? Also, make sure you installed JDK and not JRE.

Hope it helps.


hi AWenckus,

Thanks for your help, it was a problem of java home…

Now, ant build failed on the “war” task with the incoming message:

“org.apache.jasper.JasperException: L’'uri : cannot be resolved in web.xml or jar files deployed in this application”

I cant resolve it…

My conf:

Win XP

Eclipse 3.1


Tomcat 5.5

Thanks for your help…

@see thread: