Weird Bug, may be Spark or Openfire

I’ve been running the latest svn version, not sure which forum to actually post this in:

Roster: First name only shows up ( it used to show First Name last Name ).

MUC Rooms: Right hand side, First/Last name both show.

Private Chats: Top of window, first/last name show

Not sure what’s causing it not to show on the roster.

Also, latest SVN version of openfire, when viewing available conference rooms, occupants show up as N/A – and many times the shared roster doesn’t populate to everybody online.


Doesn’t appear to be related to openfire/spark, just the fact that when I upgraded the database by running the latest openfire SVN, all the current LDAP user names lost their last name in the user list.

Is there any way to expunge all the users from openfire, and then have ldap recreate them? – We have multiple people with the same name and having it not show properly in the roster is getting annoying :expressionless:


If you are using LDAP it should be automatic that the data show correctly. Check your vCard settings and the ldap.nameField settings.

That was it, thanks!

Was tired of the roster issues with the latest svn version.