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Weird client sessions

When I logged in at the admin panel today, I noticed two strange client sessions which I haven’'t had before (I upgraded trough SVN yesterday, maybe that has something to do with it).

Each session is set-up with a username that has a 8 digit hexidecimal node. The resource used is identical to the node. Both nodes are not registered as users though.

Both users are authenticated through SSL and their client ip is identical to the IP of the server that hosts Wildfire.

Anyone got an idea what causes this?

Using netstat, I’'m seeing this:

saffron:xmpp-client saffron:37433 ESTABLISHED wildfire

saffron:xmpp-client saffron:37434 ESTABLISHED wildfire

saffron:37433 saffron:xmpp-client ESTABLISHED wildfire

saffron:37434 saffron:xmpp-client ESTABLISHED wildfire[/code](where ‘‘saffron’’ is the servers hostname, and wildfire the username that is used to run the server)

Using ps, I’'m not seeing any other proces except for the Wildfire server ran by the wildfire user.

Somehow, Wildfire is connecting to itself?

From todays chat:

Guus[/b]: well, if there’’ s nothing being discussed, can I point your combined attention to this thread?

Guus[/b]: http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=18633&tstart=0

Matt[/b]: are you using Spark Fastpath?

Matt[/b]: if so, fastpath will connect to the server when using the webchat client

Guus[/b]: I’‘ve installed the evalution version, but it’’ s not in use

Matt[/b]: it has to keep connections open to monitor the status of the workgroups

Guus[/b]: ah, that might be what I’'m seeing.

Guus[/b]: thanks, I got paranoid

Gato[/b]: guus - “The resource used is identical to the node” --> That is how anonymous users look like

Gato[/b]: guus - as like Matt said the web client uses anonymous users so that must be it