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Weird issue with Pidgin and Openfire

Server is an OpenFire 3.7.1 server, and for the longest time we’ve used a customized version of Spark for our clients. However, we now have people using Pidgin, and there’s been a wierd issue.

Up to this point, in Spark, all our users come in from Active Directory as "jdoe@chat.corp.companyname.com" and that’s been fine. In spark 2.6.3, I can click on “start new chat”, type the user’s short name (jdoe, in my case) and it starts up the chat window. However, in Pidgin, I need to type in the full "jdoe@chat.corp.companyname.com" before I can start chatting. If I just type the short name, I either get no response, or a “code 404” error. Code 404 usually is thrown by Pidgin when the other user is in Spark.

Because officially we have never supported anything besides Spark, I don’t know why this isn’t working. For all intents and purposes, Pidgin should work exactly the same as Spark for something like this.

Does anyone out there have any ideas on configuration tweaks I might need to perform?

I think this question should be asked on the Pidgin’s forums. Pidgin allows you to be logged into multiple networks simultaneously, so probably it needs full JID for the search to filter the duplicates or something.