Welcome to Setup everytime we reboot the server

Everytime we reboot our fedora box we are greeted with the “Welcome to Setup” page. Does anyone have any idea’'s on how to resolve this. I have entered “false” in my config file at the end where is says .

I just doubled checked my working wildfire.xml file and it has true

I believe you only set the value to false when you want to re-run the setup. Try setting it back to true to see if you get the web console login screen.

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Hey guys,

As mentioned by setting the value to false the server will ask admins to rerun the setup process. Anyway, if you are still seeing the setup window after you restart the server, without having manually modified the wildfire.xml file, then the common reason for that is that the user running the Wildfire server does not have permission to update conf/wildfire.xml. The server will attempt to write that file after the setup process has been completed so if you have a permission problem then the file will never be modified thus Wildfire will think that setup is still pending.


– Gato

Well i have set to true. I’'m not a big linux guy, but I did login at root and i did a recursive chmod 777 to the wildfire directory, thus hopefully making everything writable. However when I reboot the setup wizard pops up again.

Just a blind guess…

Are you sure Wildfire is using the file you think it is using? If that value is in true and after restarting the server you still get the setup wizard then Wildfire is using some other folder.

Tip you can do: Complete the setup wizard and log into the admin console. In the main page check out the Wildfire Home: value. That is the folder that Wildfire is using to store its conf/wildfire.xml file. Make sure that that folder is writable.


– Gato

no luck. it’‘s /opt/wildfire…the one i’'m using. Everything works, but if i need to get into the gui i have to resetup everything again…this is lame.