Well formed xml... is it?


i decided to make a contibution and am porting the xiff library originally written by sean voisen. he did an excellent job, thus making the port a strait forward process…

let me admit i know very little about the xmpp protocol. the problem i am having is wildfire is returning xml that is not well formed. the following node is returned upon login and never closed (unterminated node):

<flash:stream xmlns:flash=“http://www.jabber.com/streams/flash” xmlns:stream=“http://etherx.jabber.org/streams” xmlns=“jabber:client” from=“” id=“1b7177c” xml:lang=“en” version=“1.0”>

FVM3 (flash virtual machine 3) utilizing ActionScript3 is much more strict than previous versions. it chokes the parseXML method in the XMLDocument class.

is the non well formed xml:

  1. standard to the xmpp protocol?

  2. able to be modified with some style sheet?

  3. unique to wildfire?

I could write some reg exp to format the xml as it arrives to the client… but that seems like a messy solution. any ideas?


Nick Velloff


Apparently the xml stream termintaes the particular node upon user disconnect. I did not realize this due to my lack of familiarity of the protocol.

Guess I will be using regex to terminate the nodes so flash can consume it properly.

I suggest reading the RFCs for XMPP before attempting to use this protocol.



Thanks for the info.