WF 3.0.1 install issue

Hi… I’‘ve been running Wildfire for a while… I wanted to start this new 3.0.1 clean… So I figured I would install it in a completely new directory and re-do the wildfire.xml… Well I can’‘t get it to even install… I downloaded the full install twice… and whenever I run it I get "Couldn’'t load main class Log: c:\blahblah" so I looked in the log and it is having trouble changing the working directory to the directory the installer extracted the files to… Here are the lines from the log…

extracting _dir9457\ (size: 111)

extracting _dir9457\user.jar (size: 59192)

extracting files done

Current working dir: D:\temp_dir9457

Full JRE path: D:\temp_dir9457\jre.tar.gz

JRE included

ERROR: Could not change working dir to _dir9457

extracting JRE




Unpacking JRE done

JRE dir: D:\temp_dir9457\jre

LoadDLL (0, D:\temp_dir9457\jre, 0)

Got JRE location D:\temp_dir9457\jre (java exe: 0)

MinVersion: 1.5, MaxVersion:

Trying to load JVM-DLL from d:\temp_dir9457\jre\bin\java.exe

Trying d:\temp_dir9457\jre\bin\hotspot\jvm.dll (exists 0)

Trying d:\temp_dir9457\jre\bin\client\jvm.dll (exists 1)

Loading of JVM-DLL successful

schedule for deletion in delete_file: c:\i4j_nlog_3

launching program

vmoption count 6

vmoption 0: -Dexe4j.semaphoreName=d:_temp_wildfi~1.exe

vmoption 1: -Dexe4j.isInstall4j=true

vmoption 2: -Dexe4j.moduleName=d:\temp\wildfi~1.exe

vmoption 3: -Dexe4j.tempDir=_dir9457

vmoption 4: -Djava.class.path=

vmoption 5: -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true

Creating JVM

JVM created

main class: com/exe4j/runtime/WinLauncher

ERROR: could not find main class

schedule for deletion in delete_dir: _dir9457

Any ideas… Please help…