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What about a "distributed Wildfire"?

Hello everyone,

when i was listening to my prof. today I got the, hopefully not so crazy, idea if it could be possible to “distribute” Wildfire a little bit.

One way it could be maybe done is a “proxy/gateway Wildfire”.

Lets say a lightweight Wildfire or XMPP-Server which has a list with “background” servers.

The clients connect to the proxy Wildfire which remains a list on which background server the user is to find an will establish the connection to this server.

So he has to rewrite the packages a little bit and could work as a forwarding.

In this way it maybe is possible to use multiple Wildfire servers as one big.

Have I overlooked something or could this be a discussable base ?

Hi Finn,

Sounds like you’'ve some what descibed url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/forum.jspa?forumID=48&start=0Project Pampero[/url].



Whoops, then I will track this project a little bit ;).

thank you

You’'re welcome.

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arh, I lose the sight of it every time, sry :/.