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What am I missing regarding DB representation of chatrooms?

I want openfire installs I make have a few permanent chatrooms setup at install.

I thought it would be as simple as copying the contents of muc* DB tables in MySQL to the new setup before starting openfire.

This doesn’'t appear to work though. When I start the server and go to the chat room list, it shows no rooms.

What am I missing? Is this list built from a join on a table I’'m not taking into account here? Or is there something stored outside of the DB that I need to be aware of?

I’'am having the same problem:

updatede both mucRoom, mucAffiliation and mucMember

But the new group does not show up.

Clearing the cache does not help.

The link to edit a group chat in the webinterface is:

When I try to replace the id of an excisting group with my new one, Openfire loads the values of the new group correct. And afther i hit “save changes” the new group i visible.

The question is now: How can I add a new chat group directly to the DB?