What are the plugins required to connect the NetBeans Collaboration client?

The NetBeans Collaboration client (embedded chat and shared IDE editing) allows you to connect to share.java.net.

I’'ve googled for documentation on setting up a collaboration server with no luck.

Presuming that share.java.net is a wildfire server, is someone able to tell me what plugins I must add to make the collaboration client happy?


PS the initial problem is that while you can log into any jabber account, you must search for users before adding them (no way of just adding users directly). So obviously the search.jar was the first plugin we added, but the user search result list is still empty with netbeans throwing

org.netbeans.lib.collab.ServiceUnavailableException: personal store service was not initialized successfully

do you have an answer for this already?


Can you please tell me if this is possible? Thanks.

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Only the Sun Instant Messenger server provides the server-side support for the netbeans collaboration features.

It doesn’'t look too complicated to implement though since the client is opensource. hint hint…