What database do you use with Openfire?

~200 users, Embedded is enough and simpler for us:)

I luffs me some Postgres! Right now I have just under 2200 users with OpenFire 3.5.0. I’ve been using PostgreSQL with OpenFire since the beginning, and no plans to change!,

We have 1200+ users (200+ concurrent) and use MySQL with Openfire 3.5.0. Also our Mediawiki is connected to the same database. Backup is done scripted four times a day using mysqlhotcopy.

We use FirebirdSQL 2. Maybe you should have added a “other” poll option ,

I am using PostgreSQL and currently for devlop and test purpose.Not so much high volume users.

Wow, there’s some folk using Sybase??

Also, Op3racional, are you using FirebirdSQL with Openfire? If so, what driver/whatever are you using? (in other words, -how- are you using it with Openfire)

i’m begun with embedded. with user more than 700s and 500+ concurrent, it works fine. but on the next day, MySQL is getting my attention. with master-slave feature, now my openfire running well with MySQL.

Currently on MySQL, tried PostgreSQL and could not get it working, dunno why, gave up, in other place (at work) MySQL as well since MS-SQL caused some headache.