What does it mean?


im totally lost as to what is going on with my setup. I installed wildfire on a unix host, and it all seems to work ok… users can register, people can login, all is good.

A friend and myself were doing a quick test of sending messages to one another, but nothing happens. The wildfire admin console says both users are online, but the messages just dont go thru.

On the error log i get this:

2006.09.23 23:32:28 org.jivesoftware.wildfire.server.OutgoingServerSession.createOutgoingSession(Out goingServerSession.java:259) Error trying to connect to remote server: user1(DNS lookup: user1:5269)

java.net.UnknownHostException: user1

at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.connect(Unknown Source)

at java.net.SocksSocketImpl.connect(Unknown Source)

at java.net.Socket.connect(Unknown Source)

when user2 tries to send a message to user1… from a user perspective, both have just “registered” against my wildfire with is on an intranet with a real dns name, and then we’'ve both just gone “add user1” as a buddy. Why is it trying to resolve user1 as a hostname? have i missed something totally obvious here?

oh goody, i get to answer my own question…

i forgot to add a buddy as user@domain… rather newbie mistake really…