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What happened to the Jive beta site, groupchat client?

I was going to get a copy of the beta groupchat client at http://beta.jivesoftware.com, but the site has been down for maintenance for several days now. I thought after the first day or two maybe it was really just down for a bit, but it’'s been about 5 and no signs of coming up. Will the beta site be back up anytime soon? Is the beta of the groupchat client still available?

Also, are there any other web-based muc/groupchat clients available? I think the jwchat guy was working on one called MUCkl at http://jwchat.org/MUCkl/, but it apparently doesn’‘t work in Safari. I’'m looking for some way to let people access groupchats without having to use full-blown Jabber clients. So, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. Thank you!