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What is a "Finalizer" thread?

I run Openfire 3.6.4 and MySQL 5.1 on the same Windows 2003 server.

The last couple of days, Openfire has decided to start looping and consuming 99% of resources.

It takes forever to RDP into the system and there are a only few comments in the openfire logs about dropping database connections…

There is nothing abnormal in the Windows logs.

Issuing the /stop command to the service fails, and the only way to get the system back is to reboot.

When it comes back, there are number log messages about “Finalizer” and even hours after the reboot, there are Finalizer threads listed under the database connections.

I couldn’t find anything in the community…



the JVM has a finalizer thread, anyhow I wonder why you should see messages of this thread. Can you post the log messages you get? Are these info, warn or error messages?