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What is Openfire development state?

Latest Openfire related blog post was 7 months ago. Openfire 3.6.4 release was buggy. So i have a question: Is Openfire in active development state?


a small look on the subversion history (see attachment) shows there is some activity on developing Openfire. Maybe it could be more, but I think at the moment it’s still in a mirgration process from a company driven to a community driven development and I think it’s on a sustainable way. So I’m looking forward to see a good piece of software will still get better
svnlog.txt (5390 Bytes)

Hi Bulat,

I agree with what Niess states, we are transitioning to a community development process and it is unfortunately taking some time. Regarding bugs, I am and a few others are very keen on trying to fix bugs! What issues are you having?


I have no issues yet, but I’m worring about Openfire future. We are making our product based on Openfire. It’s wonderful that Openfire becomes community driven. But I see much troubles with some parts of Openfire. I tell about Virtual Hosts feature. It’s very important. Especially for us. But I know that implementation in Openfire of this feature is very difficult if possible at all.

Hi Bulat,

If virtual hosts is a requirement, you really need to look at other jabber servers like Tigase and ejabberd. I think jabberd2 just recently added some multi-domain stuff as well.



I have posted here ( http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/38876?tstart=0 ) of what I think is a bug. Can someone please confirm if it is or not ?

I am waiting for an answer to this issue ?

Will OpenFire next release have this issue ?

Thank you.